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Propane Firepits

These fire pits bring back memories of family camping trips and summer camp. We offer 48" Square and 44" Round Propane Firepits that are clean burning so they don't produce the eye burning smoke produced by traditional wood fires. These firepits are portable and produce a large 18" to 24" high flame.

Propane Floating Firepits

Our 40" Round floating fire pits are made of a lightweight concrete. Each fire pit includes a 14 gal. propane tank that will provide a special ambiance for up to 8 hours.

Propane Torches

Our 7 ft. tall tiki-style torches create an extra special feeling that is reminiscent of the south pacific. Each torch includes a 5 gal. propane tank to provide hours of tropical lighting.

Propane Barbecue Grills

If you need to cook for 20 to 100 people, this is the grill for you! Our barbecues are equipped with a large 60" by 18" grilling area and eight 20,000 btu gas burners. Each barbecue includes two 5 gal. propane tanks for approx. 4 hours of grilling.

Also Available:

  • Propane Chimineas & Fire Barrels
  • Wood Burning Firepits
  • Wood Burning Fire Barrels

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