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Outdoor Cooling Rentals: Air Conditioners & Misting Systems


Fog Misting System

Our premium misting system is a sturdy post & beam structure that is the first of it's kind. Similar to a tent without the canvas canopy, this temporary structure features 10 ft. tall posts and 20 ft. long misting beams. High-pressure fog nozzles are placed every 24" to provide a cool atmosphere without wetness for your guests' comfort. This "patent-pending" design is available for daily, short-term, or long-term rental and requires a minimum $100 order.

Fog Misting Fans

Our high-pressure fog misting fans provide the most effective cooling at an economical price for an uncovered outdoor event. They can lower the temperature 30 degrees or more without the feeling of a lawn sprinkler. We use a high-pressure (1000psi) pump system to atomize the water droplet so small that it feels as if you're indoors with the air conditioning. Each Fog Misting Fan oscillates 90 degrees; and can cool an area up to 1200SF, depending on ambient wind and humidity. Please note: A dedicated water and power source is necessary for each Fog Misting Fan.

Misting Fans

Ranging in low- to medium-pressure misting (40-250psi), the Misting Fans are more wet than the Fog Misting Fans but provide an economical solution for those on a tight budget. Misting fans can lower the temperature 5 - 15 degrees and can cool 200 to 600SF.

Evaporative Coolers

Perfect for covered patios, open warehouses, and breezeways, we offer 2 options for evaporative coolers:

  • Standard Unit (3,000cfm) - cools an area up to 200 SF
  • Large Unit (111,000cfm) - cools an area up to 800 SF

Please note: A dedicated water and power source is necessary for each evaporative cooler.

Non-Misting Fans

  • Oscillating Fans - 36" blade
  • Pedestal Fans - 24" blade
  • Floor Fans - 20" blade

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